Jeannie - English Language and Linguistics

“My role involved a mixture of tasks. I analysed the charity's communication from all angles: social media, staff communications and external messaging. I created strategies of where to identify weaknesses and find solutions – then I created new content considering the charity’s goals and audience needs.

“I also carried out admin tasks and audience research, created new publications, and led meetings for the charity's service users, where we worked together to decide content for the newsletter.

“I enjoyed using my degree at a professional level – working with a diverse range of people, from trustees to service users.”

“I think it’s really valuable to take an internship that’s closely related to your degree. It allows you to use the knowledge you have and bring new energy into a business while you are also learning.

“This experience has helped me realise that writing and communication are my key areas of expertise. And I’m really pleased to stay on with Cintre until 2017, working on new projects and learning something new every week.”

Jeannie’s advice

“You should be prepared to put hard work into the role, keep yourself organised, create plans, and write useful information down, because there’s so much to remember. And don't be afraid to ask if you can be a part of something, like a meeting or project.”

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