The Vitual Linear Accelerator in use at UWE Bristol

Dawn - Radiotherapy and Oncology


Dawn gained a first class honours degree and is now in her dream job

Dawn Bowers - Radiotherapy and Oncology graduate from UWE

Dawn says:

"The course has been fantastic. I can't praise the lecturers at UWE Bristol highly enough – support whilst on placement was superb.

"I'd always thought that working as a Therapeutic Radiographer would be rewarding but the opportunity to retrain didn't present itself until recently. I wasn’t disappointed.

"The training at UWE Bristol is very thorough – I had the chance to go on three work placements. As on the job training is very important in this line of work, feedback from my placements has helped me to develop my practitioner skills enormously."

Fantastic facilities

UWE Bristol is the only University in the South West to have a fully immersible Virtual Linear Accelerator (VERT) which trains radiotherapists to deliver doses of radiation to tumours. As it’s virtual, this amazing tool enables you to develop technical skills in a safe and supportive setting before going into placements – allowing you to contribute from day one.

Other facilities include workstations for the XVPLAN 3D radiotherapy planning system and FocalSim virtual treatment simulation.

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