Harry - Law

Harry, a law student in his final year, lost his Motability car and other benefits he had received from a young age due to government cuts. The loss of these benefits made access to the University more difficult, more expensive, and meant that Harry wasn’t able to focus on working towards his goal of going on to the Bar Professional Training Course.

The UWE Bristol Fund was able to award Harry with a £500 Hardship Grant to help him with the costs of travelling to and from the University, relieve the stress placed on Harry and his family, and enable Harry to focus on his studies again during his crucial final year.

"Without the UWE Bristol Fund Hardship Grant, I would not be able to complete the final year of my studies without extreme stress or worry.”

The UWE Bristol Fund aims to support as many students in financial need as possible. It’s thanks to donations from alumni, staff and friends of the University that we can make a difference to the lives of many students, like Harry, that require financial assistance.

“The UWE Bristol Fund has offered a temporary release from that financial stress and worry and enabled me to focus more on my undergraduate studies rather than worry about how I am going to get by for another month."

"It is truly something that I will be forever grateful for, that in my time of need, those from UWE came to my aid and supported me”.

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Donations to the UWE Bristol Fund provide vital grants to our students and local communities. From supporting students in need and local community projects to pioneering research, we can enrich and transform lives for the better.

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