Fraser Corsan Aerospace Engineering

Fraser - Aerospace Manufacturing Engineering

Studied: BEng(Hons) Aerospace Manufacturing Engineering

Fraser Corsan is a world record-breaking wingsuit pilot who has also set the highest skydive and the longest freefall in the UK and Europe.

Taking a world record-breaking leap

Wingsuit jumper Fraser has successfully broken the world record for the greatest speed flown in a wingsuit horizontally, recording a staggering 246.6mph. This makes him the fastest person in the world without the use of machinery.

He has also set the highest skydive in the UK and Europe at 35,508ft and the longest freefall in the UK and Europe.

Fraser started his career with QinetiQ as an Aerospace Safety Engineer, before moving to work in defence with Hewlett Packard on Aircraft Mission Systems. When not in the air, he now works for IBM as a Lead for Business Development across the Ministry of Defence.

"Engineering at UWE Bristol gave me the launch pad for one of the most exciting careers in the world with variety and reward."

"The course enabled me to work on a broad range of programmes from the safety strategy of the Battle of Britain's historic Spitfire's, to the Eurofighter and F35."

All donations from Fraser’s attempts will go directly to SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity.

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