Ferdaous Abdellaoui - UWE Bristol student

Born in Morocco, Ferdaous moved to Norway aged three. Then she came to the UK three years ago to study Law at UWE Bristol.

“Equity didn’t just give me access to meeting hardworking, inspiring people- it gave me a path I could follow in order to access more and better future job opportunities."

Developing the courage to land a paid internship

“I have lived most of my life in Norway, where the majority of people are white. Growing up, I never felt like diversity was appreciated nor celebrated enough. So when I moved to the UK, I was quite surprised to meet a lot of other students with ethnic minority backgrounds who take pride of their cultural identity, and are actually embracing it. 

Her first Equity event

“Attending these different workshops and meeting the guest speakers was very reassuring, as we got to meet authentic and supportive BME professionals and entrepreneurs, who I could relate to.

“Coming to the UK, I had no idea how hard or easy the journey of becoming a lawyer would be. Let alone how complicated it is compared to other countries.

“There was one keynote speaker that really stood out to me, which was barrister Tunde Okewale. He shared some very good advice that I further used to land my first paid internship at a corporate law firm.”

About the Equity student programme

Equity is a forward-looking community of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) student talent from all over UWE Bristol. It's part of our commitment towards empowering BAME students to go on to great things after graduation.

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