Ed - supported by UWE Cares

Ed (not his real name) is a care leaver studying at UWE Bristol. He shares his story about his childhood, coming to university and the support he received from UWE Cares.

Being in care was not always a good experience

“I lived in foster care and faced lots of tough challenges before coming to university. Being in care was not always a good experience, and the memories of these experiences still hang over me a lot.

"I found school really difficult. I was excluded a lot. I was very angry and school was a place where I could let this out. I thought I was stupid. Fortunately for me, I met my current partner, who is excellent at raising aspirations. I started an access course, where I learnt to write my first assignment! This helped me realise that I was good enough and could achieve what I wanted and go to university. When I was younger, I didn't think I could.

UWE Bristol has created a real enjoyment of learning

"I remember applying for university, and avidly believing I would not get in. I then got offered an interview and again thought I wouldn't get in, but I did. When I started at UWE Bristol, I thought, I'll fail this assignment. I didn't and with the help of a really supportive academic tutor, I am now doing very well. I would now like to do a Masters and possibly a doctorate because UWE Bristol has created a real enjoyment of learning within me.

UWE Cares has been an excellent form of support

"During my time at university, I have faced lots of issues from bereavement to housing problems. UWE Cares has been an excellent form of support, for example they helped me find somewhere to live over Christmas. It has been really helpful and reassuring knowing that they are there to help and they want me to succeed and enjoy my time at university.

"I'm not big on asking for help, but if you need it, UWE Cares are great. They really do care and I’d definitely encourage other students like me to get in touch with them.”

Support from UWE Cares

Find out about the UWE Cares package of support and how we can support carers, care leavers and estranged students.

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