Drew - FdSc Healthcare Science

Studied: FdSc Healthcare Science.

For Drew, the Healthcare Science course at UWE Bristol allowed him to earn and learn at the same time.

What attracted you to the course at UWE Bristol?

"I started work at Bath Royal United Hospital with the intention of seeing what sort of healthcare careers appealed to me. I looked into various career paths such as nursing and radiography, but became very interested in cardiac physiology."

"I looked into the training required for this role and it seemed that I would have to give up work and study the undergraduate full-time healthcare science course at UWE Bristol or another university. This wasn't really a viable option for me as a mature student with a family. I was then told that UWE Bristol were going to run the FdSc course in Healthcare Science from 2012. Because it was work based and carried out through blended learning, I could earn and learn at the same time. At that point I was already enrolled on a distance learning access course, so it all seemed to fit into place."

What do you feel were the benefits of undertaking the course?

"The general structure of the modules throughout this first year have been very beneficial alongside my work based learning, as they have provided me with all of the background knowledge that I wouldn't necessarily receive at work."

"I chose UWE Bristol because it is my local university, has a great reputation for its science courses, and I have many friends who have studied or are currently studying there. My manager at work was also very complementary about the course having attended the promotional meetings."

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