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Donations from our alumni, staff and friends through the UWE Bristol Fund enabled the purchase of a much-needed tap floor in the Student’s Union for the UWE Bristol Dance Society.

It’s been proven that dancing is linked to our physical and mental wellbeing. In a time where the pressures our students face at University are ever increasing, the opportunity to be able to join classes and develop themselves both physically and mentally is a crucial part of  being able to achieve the best they can in their academic studies.

The benefits that new tap floor has provided have been far-reaching, providing an opportunity for more students to get involved in tap dancing, to develop key skills as student teachers and for teams to represent UWE Bristol at national competitions. Last year, the Dance Society was voted ‘best club’ in the Students' Union as a result.

"The tap floor allowed us to continue offering our popular class each week, giving our 86 members the opportunity to pursue a lifelong passion or even start something new."

"It has made our goal to one day take a tap team to competitions across the country a whole lot closer. Thank you from all of UWE Dance!"

Olivia Judge, UWE Dance President

Without the support from donations we would not have been able to provide these opportunities for our students and to allow them to excel outside of their core academic studies.

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