Craig – discovering a passion for coding

After a year of searching for the right placement role, Craig was offered a position at Indicia, a digital marketing company based in Bristol. He’s gone on to graduate with a first class degree, and has since started work in a full time role with his placement company.

Learning new skills

"I was part of the Data Operations team where we would manage large data sets. We would compile data and prepare it for either emailing campaigns or for direct mailings, the preparing of data would be cleaning addresses, removing duplicates, matching addresses to email addresses and sorting data for some third party distributers.

"Due to the nature of what Data Operations did, there was a large amount of coding needed and little report writing. I had to learn to use SAS, software, this was done through some training videos but mostly self-taught, and I also had to use command line and the R programming language."

Positive outcomes

"There were many great things about my placement; the relaxed environment, my manager and the people I worked closely with and learning to use SAS efficiently. However, the overall best thing about my placement was that I knew what kind of job I wanted, one that was heavily reliant on coding."

Advice to share

"I would definitely advised doing a placement as it only brings positive experiences, even if you don’t enjoy the job, you learn valuable skills and it may make you rethink what you would enjoy doing for a future career. I would also suggest looking for some smaller companies. Yes these might not pay as much, but it is still experience and there may be less competition or only an interview stage."

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