Ciara - Biomedical Science student at UWE Bristol

Ciara - Biomedical Science

The future of research – it’s about more than books.

Ciara is studying Biomedical Science and hopes to go into research. It’s a field that’s changing all the time, but the practical approach taken at UWE Bristol is standing her in good stead.

When she lands her first interview, she won’t just have an understanding of the technologies used by the industry – she’ll have used them herself. “I’d always wanted to study science, but I chose UWE Bristol because the course was so hands-on. You get to experience what you hear about in the lectures – to put theory into practice.

The equipment we use in the university lab is the same equipment that’s used in the real world of research, so it’s preparing me for my future career – I’ll know what to do and exactly how it works. I love Bristol. It’s just the right size and there’s always stuff going on. I’ve tried kickboxing and I’ve volunteered at a school – setting up mini science experiments. I found out about volunteering at a UWE Bristol employment fair, it opened doors for me and enabled me to get experience outside of my course.

I’m hoping to do a placement in my third year – I’m really looking forward to networking and meeting people who are currently working in research. It will help me to decide what I actually want to do, and where I want to work in the future.

Whatever I choose to do, my time at UWE Bristol has improved my skills in so many ways. I’ve learned how to work in a team. I’ve been introduced to lots of different people, practised working with different personalities, and developed my leadership skills too. I’m proud to say that I stood up and presented a case study to a group – something I’ve never been good at. This course has pushed me out of my comfort zone and given me confidence in my own ability.”

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