Cherry - Public Health

Studied: MSc Public Health.

Cherry studied MSc Public Health at UWE Bristol, part time. She had worked her way through various Public Health roles and was in a position where she needed a Masters qualification to progress further in her career. Cherry is now Director of Public Health at Swindon Borough Council.

My studies complemented my day job

Cherry Jones"I graduated from UWE Bristol in 2009, and since then I’ve become a Consultant in Public Health. I was able to use the work from my time studying in my portfolio submission to gain acceptance onto the UK Public Health Register as a Consultant in Public Health and join the Faculty of Public Health. I’m now the Director of Public Health at Swindon Borough Council."

"The structure of the course worked for me as I was able to fit my studies around my work and I was able to bring my experiences and knowledge of working in public health into my studies. The course was a great opportunity to network with like-minded public health professionals and those from different, but related industries such as Environmental Health too."

"My studies gave an added context to my day job and the two really complemented each other. I was able to transfer the academic rigour I developed whilst studying straight into my practice, and skills I developed including critical analysis and evidence based approaches to project work have been invaluable."

UWE Bristol students now learn with us

"As an employer, we have Public Health students from UWE Bristol undertake placements with us. It’s beneficial for me and my staff to have fresh eyes on our organisation and to give us an opportunity to reflect on our behaviours. It’s also a chance for us to get additional views from an academic and sometimes international point of view on our processes and procedures too."

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