César - Brazil

Everything started with curiosityCésar - Brazil

Originally from Brazil, César was fascinated with the natural world from an early age. His passion continued throughout his bachelor degree in Biology back in Brazil. He wanted to share the beauty of the nature that he was seeing with everyone, and he soon realised that he could do that through video. He started a YouTube channel that gained a lot of popularity.

‘‘Online videos are a perfect way to show people my passion for animals and plants, and show people how important they are! I want to be a wildlife filmmaker!’’

Coming to UWE Bristol

César soon discovered that there are just three courses called 'Wildlife Filmmaking' and was determine to enter the MA Wildlife Filmmaking course at UWE Bristol because of the unique partnership with the BBC Natural History Unit:

"I wanted to learn with the creative minds who produced the Landmark Series with Sir David Attenborough. UWE Bristol is providing me and the other 15 people on the course with all the experience we need to follow our dreams and passion. For the first time in my life, I have the chance to work on a wildlife documentary, in a subject I chose, and with the advice of the best professionals from the BBC Natural History Unit."

In search of the Brazilian armadillo

For one of his assignments, César went back home to Brazil on an expedition in search of the 'Three-banded armadillo', a rare species representing the World Cup 2014. He was confident that the expedition would be successful and he would be able to film the rare animal thanks to the skills he learnt at UWE Bristol. Did he find the armadillo? Watch the film to find out!

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