Carolina - UWE Bristol student from Mexico

Carolina - Mexico

Coming to UWE Bristol

Carolina was working as a Clinical Research Associate carrying out pharmaceutical clinical trials in Mexico. She decided to study for a postgraduate MSc Sustainable Development in Practice course in the UK to help with her personal development.

Carolina says: "UWE Bristol definitely caught my attention since I first learnt more about it at the Education Fair in Mexico City. Later I contacted the course leader to confirm some of the information about the course and their insight was really helpful."

Bristol – a sustainable city

Bristol also played a role in her decision making:

"The fact that it is the European Green Capital of 2015 meant that sustainability would be even more important across the city and I believe this would contribute greatly to my sustainable development knowledge.”

Course challenges

Carolina enjoys the challenges that her course offers:

"We are working on a module called ‘Work Based Learning Module’ for which you need to apply coursework knowledge to an organisation or project tailored to our own interests. As an International student this task was a little bit daunting but the course leader was always there to help."

A holistic approach to student life

“I also like the fact that UWE Bristol offers a holistic approach to student life; they are committed to helping you improve yourself, not only as a student, but also as a person by embedding wellbeing campaigns and the recreational activities on campus such as the Centre for Sport or the cooking demonstrations at the One Zone.”

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