Antonio Moraca - PGCE Secondary ITE, Modern Languages

Thanks to the backing of his personal tutor, Antonio has been able to build a career in the specialist area of teaching he’s passionate about.

“I did a modern languages PGCE at UWE Bristol, but my aspiration was really to teach Latin. I studied it myself in Italy and had given private tuition to younger pupils in my school. Teaching it came very naturally to me, so I was determined to pursue it as a career.

"The difficulty came about when we were looking for our teaching placements. There aren’t many schools offering Latin in Bristol, or anywhere in fact, so it wasn’t that easy for me to find one.

Luckily, I had a personal tutor who was completely behind me and went the extra mile to find me a Latin placement.

"They also arranged for me to work at that school much longer than originally planned, so I could get some good, solid experience of teaching the subject under my belt.

"When I finished the course, I was taken on by my placement school and now teach Classics there, as well as other three other languages.

"Latin is still by far my favourite language to teach. It attracts a certain kind of pupil, and children have to choose to study it, so they are usually committed and want to learn. That makes the teaching process really enjoyable, and I love the conversations we get into about language.

"The PGCE was very good. It gave us a real taste of what teaching is all about – and for me, it also gave me a foot in the door into teaching a subject I love.”

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