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Student stories - Allied Health Professions

Stories from students who studied Allied Health Professions courses.

Diagnostic Imaging


It gives me a buzz knowing that when I qualify, I will be part of a team that the hospital will depend on to provide an essential service.

Occupational Therapy


I find with the placements you learn an awful lot - suddenly you get a clearer picture of what the job actually involves.

Physician Associate Studies


I am sure that the Physician Associate role will develop and become more important within the NHS, so I feel very positive about my employment prospects.



Harry shares his experience of studying at Glenside Campus and the amazing placement opportunities he took advantage of.


It's not all about the bucket and sponge. I feel really lucky to go into this profession. It can be demanding and stressful at times but I love it. I get a lot out of it, and I find it so rewarding to work with patients.

Radiotherapy and Oncology


The first time I saw a radiotherapy unit was on work experience in a hospital - that’s when I knew it was definitely the route I wanted to go down.


On-the-job training helped me to develop my radiotherapy practitioner skills enormously.

Sports Rehabilitation


The course is vocational, which means it provides me with the training for a job rather than getting a degree where the end result is uncertain. It gives you a clear career pathway.


I’m sport mad, so the chance to do placements with Yeovil Town Football Club and Somerset County Cricket Club was brilliant.

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