The Skills and Simulation Centre at Glenside Campus

Skills simulation suite

First class learning resources

The fantastic Skills and Simulation Centre at Glenside Campus mimics a real hospital ward enabling you to practice what you learn before going into a real hospital on work placement.

See our Adult Nursing students using the simulation suite:

UWE Bristol has invested in a replica ward, consultation rooms, a maternity unit, and a new children's unit (Princess Campbell Simulation suite) making the student learning experience for health care professions at UWE Bristol second to none.

Manikin and human patient simulation

The Centre uses a comprehensive range of manikins including newborns, infants, adults and birthing manikins, which can be programmed to display a wide variety of health problems including breathing difficulties, cardiac arrest, complications of pregnancy and labour. These manikins together with our team of human patients enable students to learn to deliver safe and effective healthcare.

Real ward experience

Health care students at UWE Bristol can practice in a safe environment that reflects as near as possible, the actual conditions in health care practice. Everything provided is genuine equipment used in NHS hospitals from the flooring to beds to wash rooms to birthing pools.

The ward provides inter-professional learning opportunities where undergraduate and postgraduate student nurses, midwives, radiographers, paramedics, and physiotherapists can act out scenarios similar to those they will encounter in a real hospital.

The simulated learning sessions can be recorded by cameras overlooking each bed providing students with opportunities to appraise and self-evaluate their experience in preparation for clinical practice.

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