Students using the mock courtroom facilities

Mock courtrooms and virtual law office

Preparing students for legal practice

The Bristol Law School at UWE Bristol provide innovative methods of preparing students for legal practice. Our mock courtrooms really help to bring learning to life and apply the skills that have been developed during law studies to a practical setting.

The courtrooms are equipped with the latest recording equipment to record the advocacy sessions for later analysis.

Mock courtrooms

Virtual law office

Simulations in Transactional Activities (SIMITA) is an online interactive learning environment which gives students the opportunity to acquire and practise case working skills, with the help of technology that behaves and feels exactly like that of a modern professional office.

This ‘virtual law office’ also stores tutor and peer feedback on skills development. There are links to academic, legal and student-produced resources, which offers tutors the advantage of being able to monitor how groups are working much more easily than with paper-based transactions.

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