Driving simulator model

Driving simulator

A truly immersive experience

At UWE Bristol, students are equipped for the real world of motorsport and automotive design. Students can trial their designs in the latest simulation technology with this driving simulator. 

The driving simulator features a carbon fibre shell from a Formula 1 racing car and a 180 degree wrap around screen. The simulator is housed in a specially equipped room, which creates a truly immersive experience that realistically mimics real driving in potentially any kind of car, existing or newly designed.

Vehicle dynamics can be tested, and students can investigate changing mechanical parameters to check performance and handling. Different terrains and weather conditions can also be simulated.

Work ready graduates

The motorsport and automotive sector is increasingly reliant on simulation for driver training and vehicle research and development. People entering the industry are required to understand how to use simulation tools.

This facility gives students studying the MEng Automotive Engineering and BEng(Hons) Automotive Engineering hands on experience with a simulator matching those used in industry, providing UWE Bristol students with a great advantage when they enter employment.

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