Student examining a crime scene

Crime scene house

Scene of the crime

Forensic Science students in the Department of Applied Sciences at UWE benefit from a specially modified ‘house’ that can be adapted to mimic the conditions typically found at a variety of crime scenes.

Forensics experts at UWE Bristol can create complex simulated scenarios that extend across the two bedrooms, kitchen, lounge, bathroom and study of the Crime Scene House. The garden is used for outdoor scene investigation, and a garage facility is available for vehicle investigations.

Students get a taste of what they would encounter as a Forensics professional following a burglary, murder, child abduction etc. There is CCTV and two-way communication in all the rooms, along with a control suite so feedback can be given from watching instructors. Sessions are also recorded for analysis and evaluation.

Paramedic science

The Crime Scene House is also used as an environment for patient assessment and extraction scenarios. Providing a realistic simulation environment is important in terms of further developing students learning and practical skills. This simulation environment is also used in conjunction with the paramedic ambulance, which is based on the Glenside Campus and equipped with ancillary equipment, replicating clinical practice.

Police training

The quality of the Crime Scene House as a facility is such that South West police forces use it for competency assessment and training of crime scene investigators and other officers.

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