Professor Jona Razzaque Inaugural Lecture

Professor Jona Razzaque delivered her Inaugural Lecture at The University of the West of England on 23 September 2015 as part of the Faculty of Business and Law Inaugural Series.

The green economy and forest ecosystem services: Assessing the global north - south divide

Abstract: Both the global North and the global South are actively engaged with the concept of green economy, and policies are in place in many developed and developing countries to facilitate the transition to inclusive and resource-efficient green economy. At the international level, it is hailed as a great enabler for economic rebalancing between the North and the South leaving aside the disagreement over who reaps the benefits of unsustainable economic activity and who bears the burden of resource depletion and pollution. Approaches such as payments for ecosystem services can help to secure an economically efficient shift to a sustainable economy, offer incentives to forest conservation, and encourage sustainable development in sensitive forest areas. Sustainable investment in forest ecosystem services can assist the global South gain a competitive edge and contribute to enhance the livelihoods and wider well-being of poor people. However, for such payment schemes to work, appropriate national laws, policies and institutions are needed along with adequate economic settings and incentives. This lecture explores the opportunities and concerns of forest ecosystem services in the context of conflicting priorities of the North and the South.

Bio: Jona Razzaque is Professor of Environmental Law at UWE Bristol. Her publications include International Environmental Law and the Global South (Cambridge University Press, 2015), Environmental Governance in Europe and Asia (Routledge, 2013), Natural Resources and the Green Economy (Brill, 2012), Globalisation and Natural Resources Law (Edward Elgar, 2011) and Public Interest Environmental Litigation in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh (Kluwer, 2004).

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