Professor Judi Marshall, Professor of Leadership and Management, Lancaster University Management School

Taking Leadership: How Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility are Integral to Good Business

Judi Marshall

Tuesday 23 April 2013

Street Café (S Block), Frenchay Campus

A University of the West of England Distinguished Professorial Address in collaboration with the Environmental iNet and the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply.

The schedule for the evening includes a CIPS presentation entitled 'The Future is Bright' by Richard Murphy, Managing Director at the Energy Consortium, Richard Smith, Energy Development Director at MITIE Technical Facilities Management and Andrew Horstead, Head of Commodities Research at Utilyx, followed by the DPA.


This address by Professor Judi Marshall, one of Europe’s respected authorities on leadership and sustainability will focus on the integration of concerns for environmental, social and ethical issues with successful management and organisational performance.

Judi will explore how addressing these concerns can be the basis for the practice of strong, effective leadership, whether in relation to a small business or large organisation, and at any organisational level. She will consider how managers and leaders can adopt approaches of inquiry and systemic thinking to engage with contentious or difficult issues.

With extensive experience of originating management approaches and executive education programmes aimed at developing capable leaders, accompanied by related research, her approach will be illustrated with examples drawn from industry, public sector and non-governmental settings.

Judi will also pose questions that arise as we explore issues of environmental sustainability and social justice in relation to business leadership. These include: Is any ‘business case’ for corporate responsibility sufficient? What do we look for in leaders we can find credible?


Professor Judi Marshall is a pioneer in the field of business sustainability leadership. She is currently involved in various activities related to developing leadership and change at Lancaster University, where she is Programme Director for its School of Management’s ‘MA in Leadership for Sustainability’ and Co-Director of the part-time ‘Leading on Sustainability’ programme in partnership with Business in the Community.

In December 2012, she was recognised by Business in the Community as a Responsible Business ‘Game Changer’ for her contributions to management education and her support for people taking action for change in relation to environmental sustainability and social justice.

Before joining Lancaster in 2008, Judi was at the University of Bath School of Management and a core member of the Centre for Action Research in Professional Practice (CARPP) there. With colleagues, she launched the MSc in Responsibility and Business Practice in 1997. In December 2005, she received a 'Beyond Grey Pinstripes European Faculty Pioneer Award' (jointly from the European Academy of Business in Society, the Aspen Institute's Business and Society Program and the World Resources Institute) for promoting management education into sustainability, social justice and corporate responsibility.

Alongside these topics, Judi has an international reputation for her research into women in management, and has been involved in the development of self-reflective, action-oriented forms of inquiry, contributing especially to the field of action research. She has also researched: careers, managerial job stress, organisational culture and change – all relevant to an enduring interest in whether and how individuals can influence organizations and social systems.

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