Professor Gerard Hastings PhD, OBE, Director of the Institute for Social Marketing and the Cancer Research UK Centre for Tobacco Control Research, University of Stirling

The Marketing Matrix: How the corporation gets its power

Renowned critical and social marketing academic Professor Gerard Hastings, accompanied by Sarah Aldred, willGerard Hastings talk about the impact and power of big business on our lives. Gerard will question the freedoms accorded to sectors (such as tobacco and alcohol) where direct harm may result, and also discuss the wider relationship between corporate marketing and materialism, mental wellbeing and sustainability. He will use an exposé of manipulative marketing techniques to provoke a discussion of appropriate citizen, professional, and policy responses. Gerard’s talk will be interspersed with musical accompaniment, played by his partner Sarah Aldred.


Gerard Hastings is the first UK Professor of Social Marketing and founder/director of the Institute for Social Marketing ( and Centre for Tobacco Control Research at Stirling and the Open University. He researches the applicability of marketing principles like consumer orientation, branding and strategic planning to the solution of health and social problems. He also conducts critical marketing research into the impact of potentially damaging marketing, such as alcohol, tobacco and fast food promotion.

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