Professor Agnes Nairn

Barbie-dolls, Burgers, Blogs and Bullies - Researching and Regulating Marketing to Children

Wednesday 10 June 2015

Room 2B020, Frenchay Campus

In this address Professor Agnes Nairn looked back on 10 years of research into the ethics of marketing to children. She reflected on contemporary debates over the impact of the commercial world on children's wellbeing including the psychological effects of inappropriate toys; the health effects of advertising HSSF food and drink; the subconscious effects of digital media; and the social effects of designer brands.

She considered how research has been used and misused by scholars, corporations, governments and NGOs in driving forward their different agenda.

Video presentation

Watch the video of Professor Agnes Nairn's presentation below:

Biographical notes

Professor Agnes Nairn is Dean of Hult International Business School in London, former Professor of Marketing at EM-Lyon Business School.

Her research focuses on the ethics of marketing and in particular the influence of the commercial world on children. Her work draws on psychology, sociology, culture theory and neuroscience with methodologies ranging from experiments to ethnographies. She has published award-winning papers in a range of international journals and seeks above all to contribute to social policy and debate. She has been commissioned to write a range of policy papers for organisations such as the Brazilian Justice Ministry, United Nations and various UK Government Departments. She was part of a panel of academics tasked with assessing the evidence on the impact of the commercial world in children's wellbeing and has worked with European children's charities on internet safety. Her 2011 work for UNICEF comprised a well-publicised comparison of materialism, inequality and wellbeing for children in Spain, Sweden and UK.

She also works as a consultant to businesses wishing to implement ethical policies and training programmes with clients including Unilever, Coca-Cola and Mothercare. She is a frequent keynote speaker and media commentator on the ethics of marketing to children. Find out more on Professor Anges Nairn's website.

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