Sacha Romanovitch - 11 October 2017

Sacha Romanovitch, CEO of Grant Thornton UK LLP provided the address at the Annual Bolland lecture entitled “Shaping a vibrant economy where no one is left behind – how we create a new normal”.

Sacha Romanovitch at the BDAS event

Sacha Romanovitch, delivered the University’s prestigious Annual Bolland Lecture with a passionate and thought provoking talk reflecting on what makes a vibrant economy which includes having a shared purpose, communities responding together and collaboration.

Sacha discusses the concept of a ‘new normal’ and what this might involve - the value of a community, moving away from self-interest to a shared purpose, collaborating instead of competing. She also discusses how leadership plays a key part in shaping a vibrant economy, promoting empowerment, trust and inclusion. She encourages the audience to always think about the voices that aren’t in the room, believing in the people that work for you and inspiring them to unlock their potential.

She quotes “the world has changed and we must change with it” and to do this we must adopt a new mind set to create the ‘new normal’, where no one is left behind.

Media and coverage


Listen to the talk in full on SoundCloud. (Please note that SoundCloud does not support IE9. Users may wish to try Chrome, Firefox, or a recent version of IE).

You can also download the Western Daily Press article that covered Sacha's address.

Exclusive pre-address interview

Watch Sacha's pre-address interview below:

You can find a transcript of this interview on the Business West website.


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