Lucy Armstrong - 12 October 2016

Lucy Armstrong, Chief Executive Officer, The Alchemists, delivered a lecture entitled “The certain challenge of managing in uncertain times.”

Lucy Armstrong, CEO, The Alchemists

Lucy’s lively talk focused on managing in uncertain times. She used examples to explain how perhaps you should stop looking at short term goals and take more of a long term view.

Lucy talked about the need to be flexible in reaching your goals and how it’s not always about sticking to the plan you had in your mind but being flexible in the journey to reach them.

She talked about how it’s important to recruit the best people to mentor and coach you, even if that cost is high and not to be shy in recruiting people who you know are better than you.

Lucy finished by saying how universities can help equip people to be self-critical, analytical, emotionally intelligent and drive change, skills needed in these turbulent times.

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Lecture slides

You can also download the set of slides used in the presentation.

Exclusive pre-address interview

Watch Lucy Armstong's pre-address interview below:


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