Bruce Carnegie-Brown - 13 November 2019

Bruce Carnegie-Brown, President of CMI & Chairman of Lloyd's delivered a lecture as part of the Bristol Distinguished Address Series entitled "21st Century Management”.

 Bruce Carnegie-Brown

Bruce delivered a fascinating lecture reflecting on the impact of the fourth industrial revolution, the nature of management and leadership in the context of a rapidly changing business and social landscape.

Bruce explored the difference between leadership and management asking what does it take to be a great manager at a time when technology, changing work patterns, employee expectations and new business models are disrupting traditional ways of working.

Bruce blended personal experience with the latest Management 4.0 thinking and gave his perspectives on the world of management and leadership of interest to anyone seeking to get ahead in their professional careers.

Bruce highlighted the soft skills he deemed necessary to succeed as a manager in the 21st century, which includes:

  • being resilient
  • building loyalty and trust
  • inspiring confidence by winning hearts and minds
  • being open and transparent
  • having empathy.

Bruce concluded his talk emphasising the need to use the identified soft skills that differentiate us from technology, as “humanity will help you succeed".

Media and coverage


Listen to the talk in full on SoundCloud. (Please note that Soundcloud does not support IE9. Users may wish to try Chrome, Firefox, or a recent version of IE).

Please note - During the beginning of this recording we experienced some technical problems which caused the mic to drop out intermittently. This was resolved for the remainder of the podcast.

Further coverage of the event can be found on the Business Leader website.

Exclusive pre-address interview

Watch Bruce's pre-address interview below:

You can read a transcript of this interview on the Business West website.


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