Meet Dr Mike Kinski, Operational Managing Director, Terra Firma Capital Partners Ltd

Management of Change in Business Mike Kinski

Thursday 18 November 2010, 18.00-20.30

Mike will talk about how organisations manage change to achieve competitive advantage.  He will talk through practical examples based on his extensive experience in the automotive and utilities sectors.  He will also talk about the role of Private Equity in adding value to businesses.


Mike is a Managing Director at Terra Firma Capital Partners Limited one of the largest Private Equity funds in Europe and has been involved in a considerable number of the group’s investments over the past 10 years. 

His current responsibilities are: Chairman of Infinis Capital Limited (one of the largest renewable energy businesses in the UK), Chairman of Odeon and UCI cinemas (the number one Pan European cinema operator in Europe) and a Director of the governance company for Consolidated Pastoral Company (the second largest cattle business in Australia). He is also supporting the development of Everpower (Terra Firma’s recently acquired wind development business in the USA).

Prior to joining the group in 2000, Mike was group Chief Executive Officer of StageCoach Holdings plc, Chief Executive Officer of Power Distribution and Water Operations for Scottish Power plc and a main Board Director of Jaguar Cars Limited.  He was also a government appointed Non-Executive Director of the UK Post Office from 1998 – 2002.

Mike started his career as an electrician and following a number of years of night school study obtained a Higher National Certificate in electrical engineering followed by an MBA (with distinction) from Warwick University. 

He is a visiting professor and honorary doctor at Middlesex University.

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