Honorary graduates 2018-2019

Aimeé SkinnerPhotograph of Aimee Skinner

Masters of Science awarded in recognition of Aimeé's ongoing contributions to the University and commitment to the environmental sciences.

Alex RaikesPhotograph of Alex Raikes

Doctor of Laws awarded in recognition of Alex's leadership and commitment to addressing racism and inequality on a local, regional and international level and to working with the University on this agenda.

David PesterPhotograph of David Pester

Doctor of Business Administration awarded in recognition of David's services to leadership in business and the future of the legal profession.

Derek SpraguePhotograph of Derek Sprague

Doctor of the University awarded in recognition of Derek's outstanding contribution to healthcare education and partnership work with the University.

Fiona FrancombeFiona Francombe

Doctor of Arts awarded in recognition of Fiona's exceptional contribution to film and TV production.

Hugh RobjohnsPhotograph of Hugh Robjohns

Doctor of Technology awarded in recognition of Hugh's service to the public understanding of science and technology.

Jane DuncanPhotograph of Jane Duncan

Doctor of Design awarded in recognition of Jane's contribution to architectural education and the architectural profession.

Joanna AbeyiePhotograph of Joanna Abeyie

Doctor of Business Administration awarded in recognition of Joanna's contribution to the advancement of equality and diversity in human resource management and talent acquisition and for services to the educationally disadvantaged.

Joshua WintersgillPhotograph of Joshua Wintersgill

Masters of Technology awarded in recognition of Joshua's contribution to inclusivity for students and the wider public.

Khaled Hamid-ChowdhuryPhotograph of Khaled Hamid-Chowdhury

Doctor of Laws awarded in recognition of Khaled's contribution to Bangladesh legal education and UWE Bristol international development.

Mohammed SaddiqPhotograph of Mohammed Saddiq

Doctor of Science awarded in recognition of Mohammed's outstanding contribution to enhancing the sustainable development of Bristol through your leadership of the Bristol Green Capital Partnership and GENeco.

Somina FomboPhotograph of Somina Fombo

Doctor of Business Administration in recognition of Somina's ongoing commitment to support the political, social and economic equality of the BAME community and women in particular.

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