Honorary graduates 2004–2005

Norman BiddleNorman Biddle

Doctor of Business Administration in recognition of his role as a leading member of the Bristol business community and his exceptional commitment to higher education and charitable and civic endeavours, including his 'Guild of Guardians' support for the Lord Mayor and the Mansion House.

Roger FeneleyProfessor Roger Feneley

Doctor of Science in recognition of his outstanding professional achievements, both as a practitioner and in related research and development, and in particular to his contribution to the establishment of the Bristol Urological Institute.

Mike HodgesMike Hodges

Doctor of Letters in recognition of his outstanding and nationally significant contributions to cultural progress and understanding, particularly through his film and television work.

Stephen PilkingtonStephen Pilkington

Doctor of Science in recognition of his outstanding contribution, whilst Chief Constable, to the local and regional community.

Valerie DaveyValerie Davey

Doctor of Education in recognition of her contribution not only as a local parliamentarian, but more widely to the furtherance of education at both a local and national level.

Dr Adam Hart DaviesDr Adam Hart-Davis

Doctor of Technology in recognition of his contribution to the popular communication of science and technology, which reflects the University's mission to educate in the sciences and engineering.

Professor Rod MorganProfessor Rod Morgan

Doctor of Laws in recognition of his outstanding contribution to research into, and the development of social policy within, the field of criminal justice.

Sir John RoyceSir John Royce

Doctor of Laws in recognition of his outstanding example and contribution to the legal community, particularly in Bristol and the West of England.

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