A group of students throwing their mortarboards in the air on their Awards Ceremony

Ceremony dates and schedules

Awards Ceremonies take place throughout the year. Dates of these graduation ceremonies are available below:

Bristol Awards Ceremonies schedule

If you are a postgraduate taught or a postgraduate research student, please note: if you have not had your award confirmed by an award board by the end of February, you will not receive an invitation to the July ceremony, even if your award appears in the schedule list. Instead, you will receive an invitation later in the year to attend a November ceremony.

Please note: This is the proposed schedule for the Award Ceremonies in July 2020. The University is closely monitoring the developments with the Coronavirus outbreak, and will be following government advice, especially in regards to proceeding with large public gatherings. This is a reminder that as per the Award Ceremonies terms and conditions (see Force Majeure), in the event of cancellation the University does not accept liability for any costs/expenses incurred by those due to attend the ceremony.

July 2020 Award Ceremonies at Bristol Cathedral

View the full list of dates for the July 2020 Awards Ceremonies.

Gloucester 2020 Award Ceremony at Gloucester Cathedral

Will take place on Thursday 22 October.

November 2020 Award Ceremonies at Bristol Cathedral

The dates for the November 2020 Awards Ceremonies are:

  • Faculty of Environment and Technology - Monday 23 November
  • Faculty Health and Applied Sciences - Tuesday 24 and Wednesday 25 November
  • Faculty of Business and Law - Thursday 26 November
  • Faculty of Arts, Creative Industries and Education - Friday 27 November

Flights, accommodation or restaurant bookings

We recommend that you do not book flights, accommodation or restaurants until your ceremony date and time has been confirmed and your award has been confirmed by an Award Board.

The University does not offer reimbursement for unused bookings of any kind.

Information about your Awards Ceremony

Learn more about your graduation day in Bristol.

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