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Language learning

It is always good to learn helpful greetings and phrases before going to a new country. Below you will find a list of useful language apps.

All students going on an Erasmus+ exchange will be given access to the Online Linguistic Support (OLS) platform provided for free by the European Commission. The OLS provide free language tuition in the local language of the country you’re going to in a variety of different activities. More information can be found on the OLS website.

Language and communication apps

  • DuoLingo – courses created by native speakers, combining gaming with learning
  • Busuu – full courses in 12 languages. Most features require a monthly subscription
  • Babbel – the free version comes with 40 classes and a lot of content – subscription required thereafter. Classes can be downloaded for later offline study.

Social language apps

  • HelloTalk – find native speakers and chat with them through voice and text in this WhatsApp-like app. Correct each others messages with an in-built tool
  • HiNative – a question-and-answer community for language learners
  • TripLingo – designed to make you speak and be understood before a short trip. Phrases for formal and slang contexts. Also features an inbuilt voice translator and the option to call a real translator.

Flashcards and repetition apps

  • Memrise – Good for fun vocabulary practice. Courses are coupled with memes created by the community
  • AnkiApp – Japanese developed app using flashcards to expand your vocabulary
  • TinyCards – bite-sized lessons delivered via a flashcard app.

If you’re keen to enhance your language skills abroad, contact your host institution or employer to ask about inductive language classes or local language schools.

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