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Before you depart checklist

The checklist below provides a list of priority tasks to complete before you leave for your host country.

Download and print a copy of our 'study or working abroad guide departure checklist'.

Departure checklist

6 months to go

  • Embassy interview – going outside of the EU? Check with the London-based embassy of your host country to see if an interview is necessary to get your visa; book and attend if so
  • Immunisations - check the NHS's 'fit for travel' site to find out what immunisations, if any, you need. Visit your GP to arrange prescriptions and necessary immunisations
  • Student finance - inform student finance of your circumstances
  • Research your destination - research your host country/region/city/culture before arrival
  • Travel advice - it is essential to be aware of and understand documents and procedures relevant to the host country. Read our travel advice for students travelling to countries within, and out of, the EU.
  • Brush up your language skills - view language apps and learning information to help you with key phrases to use when you arrive in your host country  
  • Stay in touch - join our Study Abroad Facebook group

3 months to go

  • Banking – explore the best options to access your money overseas and tell your bank you are preparing to live abroad
  • Healthcare - research how you will access healthcare and dental services in your host country
  • Accommodation – speak with your host institution/company/organisation to see what accommodation options are available
  • Arrange travel – book tickets, research routes and arrival at accommodation; consider buddying up with other students
  • Staying in touch - look into the costs of using your phone abroad, research phone services in your host country, and think about internet access. View information about staying in touch.
  • Exchange students – get in touch with previous students for tips on accommodation and settling in at your new university
  • Work placement students – if you haven’t done so already, confirm your placement to UWE Bristol

1 month to go

  • Contact details on MyUWE - ensure your contact details in MyUWE are up to date
  • Print all copies of necessary paperwork, including your passport and visa, and leave copies at home with relatives for safe-keeping
  • Money for transportation - make arrangements so that you can access cash on arrival so you can use public transport
  • Pack - keep in mind airline weight restrictions
  • Work placement students – finalise any outstanding details of your placement with your employer
  • Download useful travel apps

Useful resources

We have put together a list of useful resources and websites which will help you prepare for travelling. View our list of resources.

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