Malta - image taken by UWE Bristol student Rebecca Xeureb

Studying or working abroad guide

Arriving in a new place and learning how to live, study or work in another country can be a challenging experience. This online guide aims to help you to prepare for this transition by giving practical advice for preparation and when you arrive.

Before you depart

A list of priority tasks to complete before you leave for your host country, plus travel advice and staying in touch.

Whilst abroad

A handy arrival checklist and information about cultural differences to consider whilst you are abroad.

Returning home

Actions to take before you return home – and what to do once you arrive home.

Travel advice

Travel advice for students who are studying or working in EU countries and around the world.

Language apps and resources

Improve your language skills before you travel using these language apps and resources.


A collection of useful resources and websites for those travelling.

Useful contacts

Contact details for teams who can provide advice and support before you leave, whilst you are abroad and when you get back.

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