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Please note: Study abroad opportunities through Erasmus+ are highlighted next to the institution.

Bristol Business School

Students from all undergraduate Bristol Business School Courses (except Team Entrepreneurship) are eligible to apply to study at the following exchange partners. All exchange durations are for a full year (sandwich between Level 2 and 3). Information on our partners’ subject specialisms can be found on their placement profile.

Institution Country/Town/City Placement profile
Hong Kong Baptist University Hong Kong, China Hong Kong Baptist University placement profile
Renmin University of China Beijing, China Renmin University of China placement profile
University of Zagreb (Erasmus+) Zagreb, Croatia University of Zagreb placement profile
JAMK University of Applied Sciences (Erasmus+) Jyväskylä, Finland JAMK University placement profile
University of Turku (Erasmus+) Turku, Finland University of Turku placement profile
ESC Rennes School of Business (Erasmus+) Rennes, France ESC Rennes School of Business placement profile
ESSCA (Erasmus+) Paris/Angers, France ESSCA placement profile
KEDGE Business School (Erasmus+) Bordeaux/Marseille, France KEDGE Business School placement profile
Montpellier Business School (Erasmus+) Montpellier, France Montpellier Business School placement profile
Universite Catholique de Lyon (Erasmus+) Lyon, France Universite Catholique de Lyon placement profile
Berlin School of Economics and Law (Erasmus+) Berlin, Germany Berlin School of Economics and Law placement profile
University of Bologna (Erasmus+) Bologna, Italy University of Bologna placement profile
University of Padova (Erasmus+) Padova, Italy University of Padova placement profile
Taylor's University Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Taylor's University placement profile
Tecnologico de Monterrey Monterrey, Mexico Tecnologico de Monterrey placement profile
University of Monterrey (UDEM) Monterrey, Mexico University of Monterrey (UDEM) placement profile
Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (Erasmus+) Amsterdam, Netherlands Amsterdam University placement profile
InHolland University of Applied Sciences (Erasmus+) Harleem, Netherlands InHolland University placement profile
EDEM Valencia (Erasmus+) Valencia, Spain EDEM Valencia placement profile
Universitat de Barcelona (Erasmus+) Barcelona, Spain Universitat de Barcelona placement profile
Stockholm Universitet (Erasmus+) Stockholm, Sweden Stockholm Universitet placement profile
I-Shou University Tainan City, Taiwan I-Shou University placement profile
National Taipei University of Technology Taipei, Taiwan National Taipei University of Technology placement profile
Bowling Green State University Ohio, USA Bowling Green State University placement profile
National Economics University Hanoi, Vietnam National Economics University placement profile

Bristol Law School

The following Business courses are available for Law students at UWE Bristol:

Programme Exchange duration Institution Country/Town/City Placement profile
All undergraduate Bristol Law School courses Full year - sandwich (between Level 2 and 3) Universita degli Studi di Padova (Erasmus+) Padova, Italy Universita degli Studi di Padova placement profile 
All undergraduate Bristol Law School courses Full year - sandwich (between Level 2 and 3) Stockholm University (Erasmus+) Stockholm, Sweden Stockholm University placement profile

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