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How to apply for a study abroad opportunity

Applying to study abroad through Erasmus+ or another programme as part of your UWE bristol degree is a competitive process as spaces are limited. Application deadlines are based on when the study abroad opportunity takes place during your degree.

Study abroad opportunity When to apply
Sandwich placement year Semester 1 of Level 2
Replacement semester 1 of replacement full year during Level 2 Semester 1 of Level 1
Replacement semester 2 in Level 2 Semester 1 of Level 2
Clinical placement abroad Level 2

Find out more about where and when you can go abroad.

Before you apply

  • Find out what the options are for your course.
  • Talk to your Programme Leader and Tutors and attend talks or information sessions relating to exchanges in your subject area. You could also contact students who’ve previously studied abroad or been to destinations you’re considering.
  • Research the range of funding opportunities available for study abroad.
  • Research the institutions you are thinking of applying to, and understand how study would be different, what you would gain from the experience, and what challenges you would face. Attend a workshop for application tips.
  • Consider alternative options as backup if your first choices are not available.

Apply for Erasmus+ and other study abroad opportunities

  • Applications to study abroad in September 2019 are now closed.
  • The application form for students applying to go on exchange in September 2020 is now open. The deadline for applications is Midday on Friday 13 December 2019.

Apply to study abroad

Selection criteria

Students are selected by ranking applications using the following criteria:

  • Responses to the questions on the application form.
  • Academic performance to date .
  • Comments provided by an academic reference - you will be asked to provide the name of an academic who will be asked to provide an academic reference for you.
  • Art and Design students should expect to share their portfolio work with their academic reference and with staff at the institution they are applying to.

After you have been selected

After you have been selected, we will send a 'nomination' to our partner university - this is the official notification that you will be applying to study there next semester/year.

You will need to:

  • Apply to the university where you will be studying by following their online procedures or instructions shared with you by email. Specific procedures and deadlines can be found on an institution's placement profile PDF. In many cases you will need to provide:
    • A Transcript of Records - information on your module results to date. In most cases, this can be downloaded from MyUWE.
    • A completed online or paper application form.
    • A learning agreement - a list of modules you intend to study at the host university. 
    • For non-EU institutions - a visa application and information on your finances. 
  • Apply for university accommodation at the host institution or start researching private accommodation.
  • Attend UWE Bristol pre-departure workshop.
  • Ensure you have the correct immunisations for your trip and complete and return any documentation required by UWE Bristol or your host institution.  
  • Complete any necessary visa applications.  
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