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How to apply for a study abroad opportunity

Applications to study abroad are competitive, as spaces are limited.

Applying for a study abroad opportunity through Erasmus+ or other study abroad programmes

The following information is for UWE Bristol students applying for a study abroad opportunity as part of their UWE Bristol programme of study through Erasmus+ or other study abroad programmes.

When to apply

Application deadlines are based on when during your degree course the study abroad opportunity is.

Study abroad opportunity When to apply
Sandwich placement year Semester 1 of Level 2
Replacement semester 1 of replacement full year during Level 2 Semester 1 of Level 1
Replacement semester 2 in Level 2 Semester 1 of Level 2
Clinical placement abroad Level 2

Find out more about where and when you can go abroad.

Before you apply

  • Find available options by course for your UWE Bristol programme of study.
  • Talk to your Programme Leader and Tutors and attend talks or information sessions relating to exchanges in your subject area. You could also contact students who’ve previously studied abroad or been to destinations you’re considering.
  • Research the range of funding opportunities available for study abroad.
  • Research the institutions you are thinking of applying to, and understand how study would be different, what you would gain from the experience, and what challenges you would face. Attend a workshop for application tips.
  • Consider alternative options as backup if your first choices are not available.

Apply for Erasmus+ and other study abroad opportunities

  • Applications are now open (you will need to create an account with MoveON) for February 2018 cohort Nursing students and Level 2 students in the Schools of Art and Design, and Film and Journalism to apply for exchange in January 2020. The application form for students applying to go on exchange in September 2020 will be available in late October 2019.
  • Applications to study abroad in September 2019 are now closed.

Apply for study abroad opportunities with your course

Selection criteria

Students are allocated places at our partner universities after applications have been ranked based on the following criteria:

  • Responses to the questions on the application form
  • Academic performance to date
  • Academic reference

If you have any questions regarding study abroad opportunities please contact us.

Applications are considered by academic staff from your programme. They may request further information, a portfolio of your work, or an in-person interview.

If successful, you will be officially nominated to the partner institution.

After you have been nominated

After you have been officially nominated to the partner institution, you will need to:

  • Apply to the university where you will be studying - this will be by following their online procedures or by written invitation. You may need the following when completing your application:
    • UWE EUC number: 28634
    • UWE Erasmus code: UK BRISTOL02.
  • Apply for university accommodation at the host institution.
  • Attend UWE Bristol pre-departure briefings in Bristol.
  • Ensure you have the correct immunisations for your trip and find out if you need to make arrangements for health insurance (where it is required).
  • Complete and return any documentation required by UWE Bristol or your host institution.
  • Complete any necessary visa applications.  
Find study abroad options with your course

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