How does it work?

Options with your course

Study abroad during your placement year

Doing a course with a sandwich placement option? Some of these courses offer the opportunity to study abroad in the sandwich placement year. Whilst you’re away, you will do full-time modules at the partner university to complement and add to your studies at UWE Bristol.

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Replace a semester or year of study at UWE Bristol with those from an exchange partner university

Students on some courses can replace a year or semester with studies at a partner university. Credit achieved at your host University will then count towards your UWE Bristol degree – although marks and grades will not.

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Completing a clinical placement abroad through exchange

Some Nursing and Allied Health Profession courses offer students the opportunity to complete a clinical placement abroad, organised through our partner universities. These placements – typically 10 to 12 weeks long and at the start of the Level 3 year – give you the opportunity to gain specialist skills in professional healthcare environments outside of the UK.

Students whose course offers this option can apply to study abroad during Semester 1 of their Level 2 year.

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Most UWE Bristol partner universities offer teaching in English and the majority of clinical placements provide English-speaking mentors.

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How does it work with your degree?

Study abroad forms part of your UWE Bristol degree and is shown on your UWE Bristol Degree Certificate and/or your Higher Education Achievement Record (HEAR). Whilst abroad, you will study full-time (60 UWE Bristol credits/30 ECTS credits per semester) on modules offered by host universities. The exact modules selected will be agreed between you, your department and your host university in your Learning Agreement document.

There are various funding options and tuition discounts available to help fund your study abroad and full support and advice throughout.

Students with additional support needs

UWE Bristol encourages applications from all students, including those with physical, learning or mental health needs. Full support is available to ensure access plans can be met at host universities. Applications from all students are considered equally. Selections are made on the basis of academic attainment, referee endorsement and the quality of your written application.

UWE Bristol and Erasmus+

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Erasmus+ provides you with the opportunity to study abroad in Europe for three to 12 months (per university cycle) as part of your degree. Erasmus+ opportunities through UWE Bristol are listed on our study abroad options by course web pages. View our Erasmus policy statement and institutional charter.

What if my course does not offer a study abroad opportunity?

If your course does not offer a study abroad opportunity, but you are still keen to undertake an international study experience whilst at UWE Bristol, there are still plenty of options for you to pursue.

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Other international experience

If a summer school or study programme doesn't appeal, how about spending some of your summer break working abroad or taking part in an international volunteering opportunity?

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