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Fees and funding for study abroad

UWE Bristol students undertaking a period of study abroad as part of their degree (ie for a full academic year or a full semester) are eligible for a range of funding.

Erasmus+ Grant

The Erasmus+ Grant is available to all UWE Bristol students who study in Europe. Additional funding is available for students who receive a UWE Bursary.

Study Abroad Global Support Fund 2019/20

UK domiciled, low-income students who are in receipt of a UWE Bursary, or whose annual household income falls below £25,000, may be eligible to receive funding from the Study Abroad Global Support Fund to help with costs of flights, vaccinations and accommodation deposits. Students going abroad for a single semester will receive £500 and those going for a full year will receive £1,000. Payments are made by bank transfer prior to travel, once students have been formally accepted at their host university. 

Students who receive funding from Erasmus+ are not eligible for the Study Abroad Global Support Fund.

Standard/Enhanced Student Finance package

Students who receive support from Student Finance England (or equivalent bodies) are eligible to continue receiving maintenance loans and maintenance grants, and a tuition fee loan for any fees due, during their period of study abroad. In some cases, a higher maximum maintenance loan rate will be available because you are studying abroad.

Tuition fees

  • No Tuition fee at the host institution – You will not be charged for tuition at the overseas university where you study.
  • Reduced Tuition Fee at UWE Bristol (Sandwich Year) –  Home/EU students studying for a full year abroad as a sandwich year will pay only the placement year tuition fee to UWE (£1,125), and will be eligible for lower tuition fees in their final year.
  • Reduced Tuition Fee at UWE Bristol (Replacement Year) – Home/EU students studying for a full year abroad as a replacement year will pay only the year abroad tuition fee (£1,350) to UWE.

Please note: If you study abroad for less than a full academic year, standard UWE Bristol tuition fees are payable.

Student Finance England travel grant

Some students may be eligible for a Student Finance Travel Grant. Please visit the Gov.uk website for further information specific to Student Finance England, and also for links to Student Finance Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

UWE Bristol travel insurance

All UWE Bristol students on formal study abroad programmes are covered by UWE Bristol’s travel insurance. You should check that this is sufficient for your needs, and for the requirements of your host institution.

External funding sources

Additional funding may be available from external organisations. These include:

  • Jack's Flight Club study abroad grant - two £500 grants for UK citizens or residents who will be studying abroad on exchange at a partner institution in 2019/20.
  • BUTEX scholarships - £500 scholarships for students who will be studying outside of Europe on exchange at a partner institution in 2019-20.

Managing your money

When considering study abroad, you should research the full costs likely to be involved, and how these compare with what you would expect to spend if you remained in Bristol. These might include:

  • accommodation
  • travel costs
  • insurance (if required)
  • visa (if required)
  • living expenses, eg food
  • other costs, eg study books.

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