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About study abroad with UWE

UWE Bristol offers students the opportunity to spend a semester or a year studying with partner universities from across Europe and around the world.

Options with your course

Depending on the UWE course, students have the following options:

Study abroad for a placement year on a sandwich degree - Some UWE undergraduate degree programmes offer students the opportunity to complete a four-year sandwich degree, with three years of UWE study and a year at a partner university abroad. Usually the year abroad is the third year of the four-year degree. Students register on a UWE placement module, which requires them to reflect on their learning and experience abroad. Students select full-time modules from the partner university to complement and add to what they study at UWE Bristol.

Replace a semester or a year’s UWE modules with those from the partner university - Some UWE undergraduate degree programmes offer students the opportunity to replace one year or one semester of their UWE degree with a year/semester at a partner university. This is usually during Year 2 of a three-year degree. In some cases, students register on UWE modules and complete these based on the modules they study at the partner university. In others, students select modules offered by the partner university which are similar to what they would have studied at UWE. The credit, but not normally the grades, then counts towards the UWE degree.

All UWE partner universities offer teaching in English.

How does it work with your degree?

Study abroad forms part of your UWE Bristol degree and is shown on your UWE Bristol Degree Certificate and/or your Higher Education Achievement Record (HEAR). Whilst abroad, UWE students will study full-time (60 UWE credits/30 ECTS credits per semester) on modules offered by their host university. The exact modules selected will be agreed between the student, their UWE department and the host university.

There are various funding and tuition discounts available to help fund your study abroad and full support and advice from UWE before, during and after.

Find study abroad options with your course

Students with additional support needs

Students selected for exchange with physical, learning or mental health needs will be offered assistance in accessing the support they will need both at UWE and their host institution during their studies abroad.

Applications from all students, including those with additional support needs, are considered on the same basis. Selections are made on the basis of academic attainment, referee endorsement and the quality of a students’ written application.

UWE Bristol and Erasmus+

Erasmus logoErasmus+ provides you with the opportunity to study abroad in Europe for three to 12 months (per university cycle) as part of your degree. Erasmus+ opportunities through UWE Bristol are listed on our study abroad options by course webpages. View the Erasmus policy statement.  

What if my course does not offer a study abroad opportunity?

If your course does not offer a study abroad opportunity, but you are still keen to undertake an international study experience whilst at UWE Bristol, there are still plenty of options for you to pursue.

View all short-term and summer international study options

Other international experience

If a summer school or study programme doesn't appeal, how about spending some of your summer break working abroad or taking part in an international volunteering opportunity. See our Go Global webpage for further information.

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