PDA student profile: Simon Hudson

The focusSimon Hudson

"When I began my role as course leader for the PGCE, I realised there were gaps in my knowledge of research methods and learning theory which would need to be filled in order to support my teaching.

"I completed several modules at masters level, at two different universities, some of which were purely education based, but some were also practice based in the area of ceramics. These were disparate modules which appeared to be unconnected, and I needed some way of bringing them together so that they made sense."

The solution

"The Professional Development Award (PDA) Masters route allowed me to bring these modules together through the module, Evidencing Learning from Experience. It was the Professional Development Award descriptors of the Masters route that enabled me to see how my disparate collection of modules could be integrated.

"The module allowed me to reflect upon my own learning through both my teaching experience and through my developing practice as a potter. The module considered how my own learning had developed, and how I was then able to use that knowledge in my teaching on the PGCE course."

The outcome

"I was able to study modules which related to my own interests as well as my professional role, and to bring them together. I now have a Master's degree which makes sense, relating my own learning clearly to the role which I perform in UWE."

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