PDA student profile: Sam Boobier

Sam Boobier, Deputy Director of Nursing and Allied Health Professions, Wiltshire NHS.

The focus

"When I commenced the role of Community Matron, I needed to transfer the skills I had developed in secondary care to primary care. I found I had many of the skills required, but there were also many I needed to develop to fulfill my new role. Work-based learning (WBL) assisted me to do this in a timely way."

The solution

"What was really great about WBL was that the course could be individually tailored to my specific learning and professional development needs. Having been in the Community Matron role for just a few months I had identified some gaps in my knowledge and could then use the framework of this module to address my learning needs in these areas.

"When I undertook the course I studied alongside several other Community Matrons, which meant there was lots of peer support and I quickly realised that although we were all employed to work in the same role, we all had very different learning needs.

"Therefore, the actual teaching sessions that were delivered covered the areas where the majority of us had identified gaps in our knowledge. We could then use the coursework/assessment to develop an area of practice and knowledge in more individual detail."

The outcome

"I found WBL incredibly useful at the commencement of the new role, in order to develop the skills I required to perform in the role and begin earning credits towards my Master's programme."

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