PDA student profile: Jamie Cargill

Jamie CargillThe focus

"Prior to my awareness of the Professional Development Awards (PDA) programme, my continuing professional development was a collection of postgraduate courses from a variety of Higher Education institutions.

"Each of the courses was applicable to my own personal interests, but primarily linked to extending role and service development in clinical practice.

"The PDA programme and Work-based Learning (WBL) module assisted me to gain an academic award through a negotiated programme of study at UWE, with recognition of prior academic studies."

The solution

"What was really great about WBL was the flexibility of its approach. My two postgraduate certificates were recognised and used to build credit towards my Professional Development Awards, allowing a bespoke pathway individually tailored to my specific learning and professional development needs.

"At the time of commencing study, I was a Clinical Nurse Specialist. This was a demanding role with an expectation of project development and service improvement. WBL allowed me to undertake a piece of qualitative research applicable to this area of practice.

The outcome

"The ability to negotiate your own learning outcomes that recognise previous learning was significantly important. The support from both administrative and academic individuals at UWE was excellent. This allowed me to concentrate on my studies along with juggling the commitment of working clinically full-time. With this flexibility, the WBL process allowed me to attain my goal of being awarded a Master's Degree in Professional Development Award."

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