Fees, funding and how to apply for PDA

Information regarding fees, funding and applying for your Professional Development Award.


There is a £200 fee payable on registration to your Professional Development Award programme. Module fees are on a pay-as-you-go basis. The fee that you are charged will depend on the module you intend to study (prices vary between departments) and your fee status.

Electronic Accredited Experiential Learning (E-AEL) – this is a flexible online tool for you to submit your proposed experiential learning, a fee of £350 is payable per 20 credits. As this is an online submission, there is limited contact and supervision for this module.

For more information on E-AEL please read the E-AEL step by step guide or watch the E-AEL video.

Further information can be found on the individual course entries, or alternatively please email ipd@uwe.ac.uk.


As this is a part-time programme, you will be required to fund your own tuition fees. You may be able to secure funding through employer sponsorship or a career development loan (CDL), details of which can be found on our postgraduate funding pages.

Note for undergraduates: PDA undergraduate course options are not classed as a standard undergraduate degree, therefore student finance or a tuition fee loan are not available.

How to apply

You will need to complete a Negotiated Learning Plan (NLP) and provide evidence of any previous learning you wish the University to consider and recognise as contributing towards your PDA.

You can apply for the undergraduate and postgraduate PDA courses via the course listings below:

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