PDA - Benefits for employers

Work-based learning is at the core of the Professional Development Awards (PDA) and it is increasingly being used as a mode of study for employed people to gain higher education qualifications.

The Professional Development Awards programme can be used to develop a highly skilled workforce which will help to keep your business ahead of the competition.

We will work with your organisation to identify learning needs of your employees and shape a bespoke programme of learning to suit your business ambitions.

How can PDA benefit my organisation?

  • Develop skills within your workforce that meet the needs of the organisation
  • Address skill shortages by re-skilling existing employees and meeting overall objectives of staff development
  • Create a bespoke qualification addressing the specific needs of your organisation
  • Encourage staff to engage with organisational change
  • Reduce time spent learning away from the workplace
  • Use appraisals/personal development plans to drive learning outcomes.

We can also work with you to accredit your in-house training programmes. Contact us to discuss workforce development needs:

Telephone: +44 (0)117 32 81102
Email: PD@uwe.ac.uk

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