Non-Medical Prescribing (NMP) education contract

UWE Bristol, working in partnership with the University of Bath, is delighted to have been awarded the contract for the delivery of the Non-Medical Prescribing provision for all professions across the South West region.

This education will enable nurses, pharmacists, podiatrists, physiotherapists and radiographers to prescribe medicines to ensure that patients receive timely and safe care, as well as supporting the development of new roles to transform services.

Our aim is to provide one dynamic multi-professional programme, accessible to all, that will promote high-quality, safe and effective patient centred care. This exciting initiative will see locally-accessible programmes being delivered across the region – in Plymouth, Truro, Bristol, Gloucester and in Somerset.

The single inter-professional and multi-professional programme to commence in September 2016 will recognise the commonalities and celebrate the uniqueness of each profession whilst meeting all professional body regulations – this will require thorough consultation with stakeholders and revalidation with professional body regulators by the University of the West of England.

To meet workforce priorities there will be an interim year (September 2015) where the existing programmes from each university will be delivered – with all professions coming together to learn with, and from, each other where possible. Opportunities for shared learning during this interim year will be used to inform the future development of one multi-professional programme for all professions.

Non-Medical Prescribing course at UWE

We are pleased to offer the following course available at level 3 or Master's level:

Further information

If you would like further information or would like to be involved in the development of the new multi-professional programme please contact:

Deborah Moreno-Chamorro
Programme Lead, Non-medical Prescribing
University of the West of England
Tel: 0117 3288591

Nick Haddington
Programme Lead, Pharmacist Prescribing Programme
University of Bath
Tel: 01225 383751 (Monday-Thursday)

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