Biometric Residence Permits (BRP)

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Your Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) is an important document. It shows your permission to be in the UK, and when that permission expires. It also shows the type of permission you have, and other conditions such as whether you are allowed to study and work.

  • You must either leave the UK or make a valid visa application before the expiry date on your BRP.
  • Keep your BRP in a safe place. If you need proof of age or identity, use a Citizen Card instead.
  • Have you lost your BRP?
  • If you collect your BRP from a post office, or you receive a replacement BRP at your UK address, please bring it to the Visa Hub (2P04, Frenchay Campus) for scanning. UWE Bristol must keep scans of all international students’ BRPs.

Your BRP explained

Please see ‘Arriving in the UK’ for information about collecting your BRP.

Check the details showing on your BRP carefully. If anything seems incorrect, contact the Visa Hub.

The front of your BRP shows:

  • a photograph of your face
  • your unique BRP number
  • your name (if you have a family name, it should appear on the top line, with other names below)
  • the date your leave expires under 'VALID UNTIL' - you must apply for a new visa or leave the UK by this date
  • the place and date the BRP was issued
  • the type of leave, eg Tier 4
  • conditions, including work restrictions. Y0GU9EHG2 is UWE Bristol’s licence number, showing you are allowed to study here. If you have Tier 2 leave, your employer’s licence number will show
  • your signature.

The back of your BRP shows:

  • your date and place of birth
  • your sex and nationality
  • a chip containing your biometric data
  • remarks, such as 'No public funds'. This means you cannot claim certain state benefits. If you have leave other than Tier 4, your National Insurance Number may appear here
  • a machine readable zone, which includes much of the information shown elsewhere on your BRP.

Personal Details

Check the personal details on your BRP carefully. They must match those in your passport at all times. If any personal details change, you must notify the PBS Compliance Team, because the university has a duty to inform UK Visas & Immigration.


It is your responsibility to leave the UK or make  valid visa application before the expiry of your visa. It is likely you will not receive a further Confirmation of Acceptance for Study (CAS) from UWE Bristol, should you overstay.

The expiry shown on your BRP is based on the end date which appeared on your CAS. Most students at UWE Bristol will have 4 months’ leave added to their end date. For example, if your end date is May 2022, your leave may expire in September 2022. However, if your course is less than 12 months long, only 2 months are added. So if you are attending only the final year of your programme at UWE Bristol – from September 2019 to May 2020 – your leave will expire in July 2020.

If your course is more than 12 months long in total (ie from the original start date of your programme as shown on the CAS), you should receive 4 additional months, even if your most recent visa application was for less than 12 months (for example, to attend retakes).

If you are returning from a placement year, or moving on to the Master's part of an integrated Master's (e.g. from BEng to MEng), with a new visa, your new expiry date should reflect the additional 4 months.

Please contact the Visa Hub if you have any doubts or you believe an error has been made.


Your BRP shows whether you are allowed to work in the UK, and any restrictions such as the maximum number of hours per week. Please see our Working during your studies information to find out more. Most Tier 4 students at UWE Bristol are allowed to work up to 20 hours per week during term time. Contact us if you think your BRP is wrong.

Please be aware that UWE Bristol recommends you work no more than 16 hours per week in order not to jeopardise your academic progress.

If you are considering a work placement, please discuss your plans with the Visa Hub. You must notify the PBS Compliance Team and the Placements Team before going on a work placement.

Correcting errors

The process for correcting errors will depend on whether you applied for your visa in the UK or in your home country, and on the type of error.

Correction of errors made on in-country applications usually requires ‘Administrative Review’, for which a fee of £80 is charged. The fee is refunded if the error is acknowledged.

Errors made on overseas applications can usually be corrected online, free of charge.

The Visa Hub will assist with either type of correction.

Police Registration

The requirement to register with the police is no longer shown on the BRP, but still applies to certain nationalities on long term visas such as Tier 4. It may appear on your vignette (the entry clearance stuck into your passport) or in the letter which accompanied your documents when your visa was granted. Please see our police registration information for details.

If your BRP is lost or stolen and…

…you are in the UK

Report it missing

You must report your BRP missing. Make sure you are certain it is lost before taking this step. Once reported missing, your BRP will be cancelled (and must be replaced if required) – even if you find it again. Replacing your BRP can be time consuming and expensive. Report your BRP missing via the website.

Replace it

If your leave expires in less than 3 months, and you will not need to re-enter the UK during that time, you are not expected to replace your BRP. Otherwise, you must either make a new visa application or apply for a new BRP using the online form on the website, within 3 months of losing it.

Get help

We recommend you complete as much of the form as you can, up to – but not including – the declaration and payment. Then email or come to a drop-in session, and we will book an appointment for you to complete the application. At the appointment we will:

  • check the information you have submitted
  • scan and upload any documents required by UKVI
  • make a further appointment for you to enrol your biometric data

When you come to see us, make sure you can access the email sent to you by UKVI when you started filling in the form so that you can re-open the application, and that you know your password.

How much does it cost?

The standard service costs £75.20. This includes the fee for enrolling your biometric data. Please be aware, however, that there may be an additional, variable fee payable depending on the date, time and location of your biometric appointment. Biometric enrolment is managed by a third party contractor, and neither UWE Bristol nor the Home Office can influence the speed, cost or convenience of the process. The earliest and cheapest appointments may not be in Bristol.

The Super Priority Service costs £875.20. You will be asked to pay this fee without knowing the available dates for your biometric enrolment and the associated additional fees.

How long will it take?

The standard service will aim to give you a decision within 8 weeks of enrolling your biometric data. The earlier you get an appointment, the sooner you will receive your new BRP.

The super priority service will aim to give you a decision one working day after your biometric appointment and your new BRP should be delivered within a further 10 working days.

Leaving the UK without your BRP

While we advise against it, if you need to leave the UK urgently it is possible to do so without your BRP. You should consider carefully whether this is absolutely necessary, as your eligibility to return to the UK – particularly if you are a visa national – will depend on obtaining a new entry clearance. See below.

…you are overseas

Report it missing

You must report your BRP missing. Make sure you are certain it is lost before taking this step. Once reported missing, your BRP will be cancelled (and must be replaced if required) – even if you find it again. Replacing your BRP can be time consuming and expensive. Report your BRP missing via the website.


Apply for a single entry Replacement BRP Visa. This costs £154 and may take up to 15 working days to arrive unless you can access premium services. Please note that this is an entry clearance and not a replacement BRP. You must arrive in the UK within the validity period of your entry clearance.

To apply, complete the online form which starts on the country selection page.

You will be asked to provide your biometric data.

Once you are back in the UK, you must apply for a new BRP within one month of arrival by following the instructions under ‘Replace it’ above and paying the appropriate fee.

Returning to the UK without a BRP

If you are a visa national, your airline or other carrier will prevent you embarking for the UK without your BRP.

While we advise against it, if you are a non-visa national you can travel back to the UK without your BRP.  There is a risk you will be either refused entry, or admitted in a category other than Tier 4 which could prevent you studying. However, if you have no alternative but to travel, please carry in your hand luggage:

  • a copy of your BRP (UWE Bristol can provide this if you don’t have one – email
  • evidence of the loss of your BRP (preferably a police report, translated into English if necessary)
  • a student status letter (downloadable from the Documents tab in myUWE).

Re-admission is at the discretion of the Border Force officer you encounter at the port of entry.

Keep your BRP in a safe place

We strongly recommend you use your BRP only to demonstrate your immigration status (for example when travelling, or when it is requested by an education provider, bank, landlord or employer). When you don’t need it for this purpose, leave it at home, locked in a safe place. If you need to prove your identity or age (e.g. to rent a car, buy alcohol or get into a club) we suggest you use another form of ID, or obtain a Citizen Card.

To apply for a Citizen Card:

  • get a form from any Information Point or the Visa Hub (2P04, Frenchay Campus), or download an application form
  • complete it and hand it in to an Information Point .

There is no charge providing you apply through UWE Bristol.

Replacing a lost BRP is inconvenient and can be expensive. Keep it safe!

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