Auston Institute of Management (Singapore)

Auston Institute of Management (Singapore)

In partnership with UWE Bristol, Auston Institute of Management in Singapore delivers courses in Electronics, Mechanical and Construction Project Management, which are awarded by UWE Bristol.

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About Auston

Auston is a private Higher Education Institute that was founded in 1996 that specialises in engineering and technology education. It delivers a hands-on approach to learning and teaching. It is regulated by Singapore Government through Committee for Private Education (CPE) under SkillsFuture Singapore.

Our courses

BSc(Hons) Construction Project Management

This is a 240 credit top up from recognised prior qualifications such as the Auston Diploma in Construction Project Management.

  • Construction Technology and Building Services
  • Site Management
  • Project Management and Health and Safety Risk Management
  • Procurement and Contract Practice
  • Professional Practice for Built Environment Professionals
  • Technological Innovation and Life Cycles
  • Strategic and Operational Management
  • Collaborative Practice
  • HR and Financial Management
  • Dissertation A

MSc Construction Project Management

  • Construction Contract Law
  • Managerial Finance for the Built Environment
  • Project Management Principles
  • BIM in Design Coordination
  • Construction Procurement
  • Construction Project Management Practice
  • Sustainability in the Built Environment
  • BIM in Construction Operations
  • Dissertation

BEng(Hons) Electrical and Electronic Engineering

This is a 180 credit top up from recognised prior qualifications such as the Auston Higher Diploma in Engineering Technology.

  • Digital Design
  • Signal Processing and Circuits
  • Control
  • Individual Project
  • Materials for Semiconductors
  • Power Electronics
  • Control Systems Design
  • Energy Technologies
  • Digital Signal Processing

BEng(Hons) Mechanical Engineering (Mechatronics)

This is a 180 credit top up from recognised prior qualifications such as the Auston Higher Diploma in Mechanical Engineering.

  • Design and Electro-Mechanical Systems
  • Stress Analysis
  • Dynamics
  • Individual Project
  • Materials for Semiconductors
  • Mechanics of Materials
  • Integrated Electro-Mechanical Systems
  • Control Engineering
  • Energy Technologies

Where are they based?

Auston is located in Singapore. Singapore is at the south tip of the Malaysian peninsular and is a melting pot of eastern and western cultures.

It offers a wide variety of opportunities in the high-tech manufacturing sector as well as financial services.

The college receives students who are both self-sponsored as well as company-sponsored with the major electronics and manufacturing companies in the region who are looking to upgrade their skills and abilities for careers and their future.

Our Partnership with Auston

Our partnership with Auston began in 2018 with just two collaborative titles. It has expanded to cover multiple campuses and four titles in total. Auston looks to expand the collaboration to deepen the relationship and number of collaborative courses.

Further information

If you are interested in taking one of our courses, please visit Auston Institute of Management website.

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