The Students' Union bar on Frenchay Campus

The Students' Union at UWE Bristol

The Students' Union at UWE represents all UWE Bristol students. Through the Student's Union you can try new opportunities, find support, and become part of a community.


There are lots of opportunities to find a community where you can share your experiences and get to know other students. We have over 30 student-led national, faith and identity societies for you to choose from. They will help you to meet people with the same interests or beliefs, as well as learn about new cultures.

New experiences

The Students' Union at UWE can help you access a huge choice of new opportunities and experiences. You can:


Every year The Students' Union at UWE elects a group of students, including an International Students’ Officer, to represent you in dealing with the issues that students face. Our Student Reps help you to speak up about your course, represent you academically and present your feedback on your course to the University.


The Students' Union at UWE services include:

  • providing space for your activities, either in The Students’ Union building or elsewhere
  • an accredited Advice Centre, which can help you with course issues, accommodation problems or even legal advice
  • a number of shops on Frenchay, Glenside and City Campus
  • Students' Union bars, which are great places to meet friends and socialise.

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