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Adjusting to life in the UK and at UWE Bristol

Cultural differences

When moving to a new country, it can often take time to adjust. Even if you have carefully planned and prepared for living in the UK, advice and support is always available. As you adjust to life in Bristol you may realise that aspects of your new surroundings such as the food, dress, climate and values may be different from those in your home country.

To help you adapt to your new surroundings and deal with your initial feelings of 'culture shock', you may find it useful to visit the UKCISA website to find out more about the various adjustment stages that you may encounter. 

Helping you to settle in

Get involved

Get involved in the community and meet people. Join the The Students' Union societies and communities, do some volunteering, get involved with Peer Assisted Learning (PAL), and other events like day trips and tours. These are all great ways to meet people.

Explore the city

After arrival, explore your immediate environment. Walk around your neighbourhood and discover your local shops – there are a number of shops, restaurants, food markets and grocery stores in Bristol with a variety of international foods. The Students' Union list some of these places on their community webpage.

English language support

Make use of the English language support opportunities whilst studying to improve your academic writing and communication skills.

Student support

University staff are here to help during your time at UWE Bristol. The Global Student Support team are able to offer information and advice to help you settle in. You can also take advantage of the University’s student support services.

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