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At UWE Bristol we are proud of our international reputation. With a thriving international community of students from over 140 countries worldwide, we are the perfect UK university to study at.

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Entry requirements - Canada

The experienced UWE Bristol International team will be happy to give you advice on the suitability of your qualifications for your chosen programme of study.

Qualifications listed under each heading may satisfy UWE Bristol entry requirements to that level of study. This is not a guarantee of an offer of a place, which is at the University’s discretion.

All students must also have a recognised English language qualification.

Entry onto foundation programmes

If you do not quite meet the entry requirements for our undergraduate programmes, UWE Bristol offers foundation degrees or undergraduate degrees with foundation year entry.

Entry onto undergraduate programmes

  • Applicants will be required to show evidence of having achieved grade C or 60 per cent in English in the Grade 11 Secondary School Diploma.
  • Holders of the Alberta General High School Diploma with an average of at least 65 per cent in five grade 12 courses are eligible to apply for a Bachelors degree.
  • Holders of the British Columbia Senior Secondary Graduation Diploma with at least five B’s in Grade 12 courses are eligible to apply for a Bachelors degree.
  • Holders of the Ontario Secondary School Diploma with at least 60 per cent in six Grade 12 U, U/C or M courses including Grade 12 U English are eligible to apply for a Bachelors degree.
  • Holders of the Ontario Academic Courses (OACs) with a pass six OACs; three at grade B and three at grade C are eligible to apply for a Bachelors degree.
  • Holders of the Quebec Attestation de Spécialisation Professionnelle (Certificate of Vocational Specialisation) with a 65 per cent average are eligible to apply for a Bachelors degree.
  • Holders of the Attestation d'Etudes Collègiales with a 65 per cent average are eligible to apply for a Bachelors degree.
  • Holders of the Diplôme d'Etudes Collègiales (DECs) with an average of 65 per cent are eligible to apply for a Bachelors degree.
  • Holders of the Senior High School or Grade 12 qualification with an average of 65 per cent are eligible to apply for a Bachelors degree.

Entry onto postgraduate programmes

Holders of a Bachelors degree from a recognised Canadian university with the following grades will be eligible to apply for postgraduate study:

  • 6.0 or more out of 9.0 point scale
  • GPA of 2.7 or above out of 4.0
  • Alpha B- or above
  • 66%-72% depending on the grading scale.

Please note: Where UWE Bristol has an academic agreement in place with an institution, greater flexibility in entry requirements for undergraduate and postgraduate courses may apply as outlined in those agreements.

What to do if you don't meet our entry requirements

If you do not quite meet our entry requirements, our International College offers a range of university preparation courses to teach you all you need to progress to UWE Bristol. We also have a range of Pre-sessional English language courses to get your English skills up to the standard required for entry to UWE Bristol.

Representatives in your country

Our extensive overseas representative network offers enquirers and applicants a variety of services.

Global visits and events

If you are interested in studying at UWE Bristol you may be able to come and meet us through one of our global visits. View all upcoming events.

International scholarships and loans

Every year we offer a large number of scholarships to international students. Take a look at the full list of UWE Bristol International scholarships to find out more.

You may also want to consider other scholarships available from organisations independent of UWE Bristol.

Canadian loans

UWE Bristol is recognised as an institution eligible to certify Canadian Student Loan applications e.g. OSAP.

The Canadian Student Loan programme allows students to borrow money from the Government to pursue higher education.

Eligibility and application

Canadian Student Loans are usually managed through the National Student Loans Service Centre and are often applied for at Provincial level. The Canadian Government, not the University, will process most of your loan - UWE Bristol will just be responsible for confirming student status and certification.  

Further information on eligibility and how to apply for a loan can be found on the CanLearn web pages, and will also direct you to the National Student Loan Service Centre.

Progression and transfer applicants

If you are a student currently studying in Canada and would like to transfer credit from your existing college modules in order to gain advanced entry onto a UWE course (Year 2 or above), please complete our online international application form to show your academic background to date.

If your college is not listed below, you also need to complete the accredited learning form and upload to your international application form to help our Admissions team assess your eligibility.

UWE Bristol currently partners with the following colleges:

The international application form can be completed up to two years prior to you completing your studies. If you are yet to complete your college studies, indicate on the application form the courses or modules you are planning to take.

How to apply

For more information on different ways to apply to UWE Bristol, please refer to our online International Application Guide. Alternatively, you can talk to your college about submitting your application via the counselling/transfer office.

Contact us

For questions and further details on how we can process your application, please contact

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