Students using microscopes in a science lab

Facilities in Forensic Science

Our top-class facilities for forensic science will allow you to get to grips with all the equipment you’ll use in the field – giving you confidence and competence in a range of techniques.

  • You’ll investigate simulated crime scenes in our specially-adapted Crime Scene House, giving you an insight into what you might find when called to the site of an incident such as a burglary or violent attack.
  • Learn to use forensic apparatus in professional-standard laboratories. Industry-standard microscopes and instruments allow you to analyse glass, hairs and fibres, bullets, documents and bank notes.
  • Employ vacuum metal deposition to develop fingerprints on difficult substrates such as shot gun cartridges and bird feathers, and learn to use our HPLC-MS instrumentation to analyse drugs.
  • Conduct presentations and present evidence in our mock courtroom.

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